Project management, maritime design and engineering

Trosvik Engineering has high expertise in project management and engineering and plays an important role in most of the projects carried out in Trosvik Industri and Trosvik Yard. We can offer concept development, basic and detailed engineering packages and total project management for conversion projects (retrofit).

Trosvik is a part of the Green Industry Cluster, and we are committed to contributing to reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through all our operations, from start to finish.

We are Committed to Contributing to Reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through all our Operations!


New solutions for a more sustainable future

At Trosvik Engineering, we continuously work with new creative ideas and solutions that can contribute to more sustainable development.

This has resulted in exciting research and development projects such as Trosvik Fjordfarm and Clean Seachest.


Trosvik Fjordfarm is a closed seafood farming concept with patented solutions. This could contribute to significantly less environmental pollution and thus more sustainable fish and seafood farming in the future.


Clean Seachest is a research and development project where the aim is to prevent the translocation and spread of alien species in the sea via ships, thereby reducing the negative consequences for the environment and life in the sea. At the same time, our solutions will also help to reduce maintenance needs and operational challenges on ships.


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